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Our process is simple. We ask you what your most profitable and long time value customer is to your business? Based on this discussion, we will find the best way for your website and marketing campaign to attract and retain your preferred sort of customer.

When you have this process clear, it becomes very easy to understand what will work for your business and therefore anticipated ROI.

We have had many great success stories from businesses that were tootling along and they now have to turn off their advertising campaigns whilst they attract more personnel to fulfil their service offerings.

Call us for a no obligation chat. At a minimum, you will gain clarity on your customer target objectives and role for your website.

Searchslice has been helping business attract new customers since 2012. We are passionate about getting customers to your door so your sales process can convert them into customers.

The business was setup by Jason Taylor and has grown from strength to strength over these years, seeing many changes in the Google algorithm over this period.

We can help you in a number of ways and focus predominantly on the following process for SEO:-

  1. Analyse revenue of your existing business and the best type of customer that is most lucrative for your business.
  2. Change your website (if required) to make sure that this is the message and most wanted action on the page. This can be done directly on the website or by creating a new landing page.
  3. Optimise website for relevant keywords that will attract potential customers
  4. Off site links created.
  5. Ongoing content creation to maintain search rank position.
  6. Assess and report results.

For paid for advertising, we still go through the same analysis but generally can get a result pretty quickly as your business will appear on first page as soon as we switch on campaign.

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